We would like to invite you to try out the specialized Polish-English HYDROGEN dictionary. It is a glossary of hydrogen technologies related vocabulary, which contains translations of over 1000 terms.

Who is the dictionary addressed to?

Our glossary will be a highly useful tool for representatives of various companies, law firms and public institutions involved in hydrogen energy. It can also be used by translators, journalists and any individuals interested in the subject of hydrogen technology. How to use the dictionary? The HYDROGEN dictionary is an easy-to-use search engine. It allows users to choose the language combination (from Polish to English or from English to Polish), search for a given term in the source language and display its translation in the target language.

Who are we?

BIRETA Professional Translations, a leader on the Polish technical and legal translation market, is the author of the HYDROGEN dictionary. The glossary was developed in cooperation with hydrogen technology specialists. The dictionary is published under the honorary patronage of the Polish Chamber of Power Industry and Environmental Protection.

What are the benefits of using the dictionary?

Using terminology from our dictionary, you can be sure it is consistent with the accepted industry nomenclature. The dictionary contains more than a thousand entries, from the more general to the more specialized. All terms have been reviewed by experts involved in the hydrogen economy. HYDROGEN Dictionary will also be regularly updated. We are planning to add new terms and additional information at least once a year.

Where did the idea to create a dictionary come from?

Power industry is one of Bireta's core specializations.

We have already launched two specialized energy related glossaries: the Offshore Wind Dictionary and the Nuclear Dictionary. Both glossaries are very popular and have received positive recommendations from professionals involved in the power industry.

Hydrogen energy has great potential and has been developing rapidly on the Polish market in recent years. Hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier that will facilitate the transformation of many industries towards a net-zero economy. That is why Bireta decided to create the Polish-English HYDROGEN dictionary, which will help to standardize hydrogen terminology, thus supporting fluent communication between Polish and foreign entities.



Bireta Professional Translations is one of the largest translation services providers in Poland. Since its beginnings, the company has specialized in translations for the power sector, including hydrogen technologies. Bireta's clients include SES Hydrogen S.A. ,Hynfra S.A., Sescom Ltd. ,Siemens, Polenergia, ZE PAK.



Polish Chamber of Power Industry and Environmental Protection is a self-governing, economic organization representing polish power industry enterprises. The core of the Chamber's activities is providing support for energy-related projects at home and abroad, as well as promoting innovative practices and technologies. The Chamber also takes an active role in protecting the environment by promoting renewable energy sources.

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